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          1. CN

            About CTE


              CTE service concept: manage with care and love; Face customers with a smile, and forge cutting-edge brands with high-quality services

              CTE concept: strength creates brand, profession wins dependence, and service keeps improving!

              CTE mode: people-oriented, benevolent and Confucian governance.

              CTE management concept: manage the company's talents with emotion, condense talents with a sense of career identity, and attract talents with excellent treatment,

              Inspire talents with the power of love and encourage talents with fair competition. Retain talents with a common cause.

              Huatongke's employment principle: "those who are capable should be on the top, and those who are mediocre should be allowed", with equal competition, dynamic transformation and elimination of the last place.

              The core of CTE development: to build a team with sincere unity, harmonious development, positive and strong combat effectiveness.

              CTE market concept: pursue customer value and achieve enterprise value mission.

              CTE brand strategy: create well-known brands at home and abroad and make a century long career.

              CTE's mission: to establish a perfect localization safety and electromagnetic compatibility international certification in China, and help enterprises quickly and successfully enter the international market!

              Advantages of choosing CTE:

              Honesty ----- honesty first, reputation first! CTE will strictly keep customers' trade secrets, whether it is technical data, product performance, test reports, or customers' business activities.

              Impartiality ----- the market and laboratory are independent. As a third-party institution, the laboratory has no interest in any aspect. Test in strict accordance with national or international standards.

              Accuracy ----- according to international or national standards, advanced instruments are used, and there is a perfect calibration management system and laboratory comparison system to ensure the correctness of the test.

              Efficient ----- reasonably arrange the test time, plan the test plan as a whole, try to shorten the test time and certification cycle, and provide fast certification services centered on customers.

            1. 16

              16 years of industry experience in the EU

            2. 10000+

              Eurotest serves more than 10,000 factories at home and abroad

            3. 30+

              30 European Fortune 500 customers

            4. 20000+

              Serve more than 20,000 customers


            Industry insight

            Join Huatongke

            Joining Huatongke will create more opportunities for you Realize more career development plans and your expected career

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